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About Coswin 8i

Coswin 8i is a CMMS solution (Computer Maintenance Management Solution)/EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) that supports the improvement of your maintenance management as well as equipments performance. This solution will help you reduce your purchase costs and stock levels, improve your maintenance staff productivity in full compliance with the rules in force.

Siveco Hellas and authorized partners possess all the necessary skills to implement Coswin 8i solution in the core of your organisation. This will allow you to obtain quick return on investment, whatever the size of your organisation and your sector (Industry, Services, Health, Transport, Defense etc.).

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Coswin 8i, it’s :

Full web

Web Architecture

Coswin 8i full Web architecture employs all the advantages offered by the latest web technologies (JSF, HTML5, Ajax). Users have access anytime from anywhere via standard Internet browsers. This feature minimises the network traffic does not require the purchase of expensive hardware. Coswin 8i can therefore be implemented in very different configurations, from the simplest to the most complex, in a local or extended network.

Design & Ergonomy

Coswin 8i is very intuitive and easy to use so deployment is more efficient. In fact, the software benefits from an innovative approach, combining performance, design, user friendliness and simplicity in a way that is natural for the user. The manipulation of data is easy: entry and online modification spreadsheet-style, mass update of data, statistics on request, and direct export of your data into a spreadsheet. Moreover, Coswin 8i is fully customisable for each user profile (vocabulary used, layout of the screens, addition of new fields, definition of links with external applications, contextual browsing).


Multiple companies : Coswin 8i is the ideal solution to manage several sites and/or companies since each user only sees data specific to their organisation.
Multi-languages : Coswin 8i can be used simultaneously from different countries in different languages. Data and screens are adapted according to the zone or the profile of the connected user.

Reporting & Performance Indicators

Thanks to Coswin 8i, you can edit user-friendly reports to evaluate performance of maintenance and the status of assets. It helps you build a clear forecast for strategic and financial goals. Siveco Hellas provides pre-defined reports thanks to the standard integrated Siveco Reports tool, where you can easily customise your own reports.

Security and Traceability

Coswin 8i enables companies to comply with the security and environmental legislation in force. Coswin 8i includes extended functions to provide an audit trail and ensure access security for transactions. You can therefore meet the specific requirements of quality assurance, traceability of actions and improve your internal services. You also benefit from the electronic signature function in accordance with 21CFR11, the pharmaceutical industry standard for example.