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One of the main challenges is to enhance support in a growing market while ensuring quality of delivery. In that regard, Siveco Hellas has launched its Value Added Partner Program (VAPP) in 2009.

The VAP program aims at providing better collaboration with Siveco’s well-recognized solutions and services. The program offers significant profit-sharing opportunities to partners with strong expertise in their market sector or geographical areas.

We offer different levels of partnerships:
1. Business introduction.
2. CMMS implementation expertise.
3. Full distributors with certified CMMS complete project capability.

In any case, Siveco ensures that the main scope of the collaboration level is to preserve both partner’s and customer’s interests. Overseas partners also play a great role in the international development of Siveco Hellas.

Value Added Partners work alongside Siveco Hellas team, located in Athens, both for sales and implementation. Customers benefit from the improved support capability, larger geographical coverage and better integration with various third-party solutions, based on Siveco’s well-recognized suite of maintenance software. The VAP Program includes a comprehensive training and certification process. Partner seminars and joint marketing events are organized throughout the year.

Existing Siveco VAP partners include Reliance Group, Tecla Consulting and others: engineering firms, service companies, equipment and software vendors. To learn more about Siveco Hellas VAPP, our experience, success stories, as well as information on the various partner levels and how to join VAPP please contact us at

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